Two Mackerels, 10″ x 10″, Acrylic on Canvas

My last fish painting was liked, so I did another one. Or rather two fishes. I have been exploring still life with acrylic painting.

Two Mackerels, Drawing
Two Mackerels, Drawing

I have been using my raw umber for drawings. Still haven’t finished the min-tub. I’ve stopped purchasing paint by ton. Lol ! I used a reference photo for this painting. As my family is vegetarian, I don’t foresee painting fishes from life anytime in the future.

Two Mackerels, Mid stage, Acrylic
Two Mackerels, Mid stage
Two Mackerels, Acrylic on canvas

I am satisfied-ish with the final painting. Unfortunately I can not increase the size of the lemon. I mean I can but it would be so much easier if this was a digital instead of an acrylic painting. Ha ha ha ! Anyways I have to paint more tomatoes and lemons in future. Had it not been for my pollen allergy, this would’ve been the fastest painting ever. I am thinking of moving to oil painting simultaneously.

I’m still having issues with the website so Instagram is still the best way to see my work at a glance. I hope to add more works in the landing page in near future.

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