“The Kings come to Dashrath’s yagya”

Then Vasishta called Sumantra and said, “…the King of Mithila, the illustrious Janak we have old relations with him, bring him with full honours yourself, I’m telling you this beforehand. The King of Kasi, the old King of Kekeya, is the the father-in-law of our lion amongst Kings, bring him yourself with his son. The King of Anga, the most talented archer, RompAda, is a friend of our Lion King, bring him and his son with honours. And bring the King of Kosala, BhAnumant, with honours. The valarous King of Magadha is an expert in all disciplines of knowledge bring him with honours.

And with the King’s permission invite the illustrious kings of the east and the Kings of Sindhu-Sauvik and the Kings of the country of Saurashtra. And invite all the kings of the South. And invite all the Kings on the surface of the earth who have an affection for our King. Invite them quickly with their families and retinues by sending the fortunate messengers with the King’s permission. ।।१३.१९-२९।।

After some days, the kings came with many jewels to gift Dashrath. ।।१३.३४।।


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