Yeah…didn’t work much over Holi holidays but fixed the sky and the foliage a bit. I’m thoroughly unhappy with the way the beams have turned but I’ll concentrate on what’s workable for now. So it’s the mast and rest of the foliage next. Not touching the beach for sometime at least.


The only thing I did last night was put a thin glaze of titanium white. Finally figured the novice mistake I was making with the beach. I used blue and that has cooled it down tremendously. That’s why it doesn’t look like it’s day. Will make the new layer of the beach using only white…

Not much progress last evening. I subdued the sand to a bit greyish but it’s too coloured and dark now. I need to make it brighter. The boat’s shadows are okayish, need to define them better. My desire for realism gets better of me and that interferes with what I want to make. I’ll start…

New 4’x3′

So I started the underpainting of the new large Acrylic  painting. Im going very slow with much anxiety. This is the largest painting ive ever done and I’m having self doubts like did I became too ambitious before I became better 😝


  Acrylic on Canvas, 30 cm x 25 cm     I’m quite happy with this painting. It started with a spontaneous 5 min sketch and this happened 😅.