How honest should a blog be?

I plan to update this blog more regularly in future. It’s not really a new year resolution but something I have been thinking of for past few weeks. I feel I should record my art diary in a more regular manner. The issue has been Jetpack. I am unable to link the website jetpack thingy with the WordPress app. So every time I want to post I have to open my laptop which makes me procrastinate the whole thing. The second thing is how honest should an artist blog be? The blog is not only a record of the artist’s journey but also helps improve the website SEO. The SEO in turn increases traffic and finally sales. Everything ultimately ends up in sale. And selling is an external validation for what you are doing.

The next question is who is reading this? I think right now it is no one. But I am planning to be honest while updating the blog for fellow artists and customers.

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