Copy of Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Cypresses

I forgot the lamp at the school and the lockdown happened so no still life till I purchase a new one (Update: I got the table lamp back)
I’ve been wanting to try a Van Gogh for past couple of weeks. I liked this painting as it seemed simple enough (Ha ha ha !), but i think he worked fast with lots of brush strokes.

I’ve still not got my daily rhythm back. Lot of late spring cleaning room shifting etc going on. But now back in my old tiny “studio” set up so will be able to work daily.

What I learnt with this one:
-Should’ve used oil as originally planned
-The guy was a pain with all the strokes. How did he paint so fast? He was definitely obsessed.
-This was better brightness wise. Although the picture looks better than the real thing imho. Need to buy a better camera.
-For all his eccentricities I’m still not convinced he actually consciously planned his paintings I think he just painted them instinctively. He practiced like mad.
-I still think he was a really obsessively hard worker than inherently talented.
-Hope the lockdown lifts so that I can buy Hooker’s green.

25.5 cm x 30 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

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