Listening to all gods speak thus, after some thought (Brahma)spoke, “O(ooooooo)h (😆), I have understood the way to kill that evil soul! He asked ‘may I not be capable of being killed by any Gandharv, yaksh, devta or rakshas’ and I had said ‘so be it.’ The rakshas didn’t mention ‘men’ due to his contempt….

।।बालकाण्ड ।।१५.४-११।।

  “The gods, #gandharvas, siddhas and great #sages assembled there to receive their traditional share of the offerings, addressed #Brahma the #Creator of the Worlds: ‘ #Lord, a #rakshasa 👹 named #Ravana, is oppressing us. We are unable to punish him. Earlier, pleased with him you granted him a #boon ✋🏼and honouring it we endure…

Somu No.2

So I’m back I trying your hand at digital art. It’s so much better(easier?) than trad art but so much frustrating. How to get the lines like you want? With an ink drawing one only has to adjust the pressure of the pen but it’s so difficult trying to find out the correct line style….


  To enhance his lineage, the King donated the East (प्राची)(part of the Kingdom) to the Hota, the West (प्रतीची) to the Adhvaryu, the South to Brahma, and similarly all of the North (उदीची) to Udgata. Then after the completion of the Yagya, the Foremost amongst the men justly donated the whole earth to the…


Phew! Finally done! My first storyboard ever! This tiny 2 panel storyboard took me 3 days. Agreed that I’m not a full time artist but this was painstaking work. How artists (like my current favourites-Riccardo Federicci and Enrico Marini) handpaint their comics after drawing and inking is beyond me. Their were too many challenges for…