।।बालकाण्ड ।।१६.२६-३१।।

“His (Dashrath’s) inner apartments were brightened with rays of happiness like the autumn sky glows in the shine of the autumn moon.
He entered the inner apartment and said this to Kausalya, “Receive this payasam which will give you sons”.
Then the King gave half the portion of payasam to Kausalya. Half of the (remaining) half the King gave to Sumitra. And to Kaikeyi have half of the remaining portion for the sake of a son. The remaining payasam, which was like Amrit, having thought over (a bit), the King again gave to Sumitra. In this manner the king gave the payasam to his wives separately.
Then having consumed the excellent payasam separately, those excellent ladies (wives?) of the King became pregnant very soon. (Their wombs?) resembled the brightness (blaze?) of the fire and the sun.”

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