“The bricks, were of standard measurement, as per the shastras, made by Brahmins expert in sculpture work related to yagya. The fire(altar) (Havan) was constructed as per these Brahmins. (**pardon my translation**)
The fire (altar) of the Lion amongst Kings (Lion King 😋😏) was constructed by expert Brahmins. (The fire altars shape was) like a gold winged Garuda. It had thrice (the normal number of 🔥 places, that is) eighteen in total.”


PS: The fire altar was made by golden bricks and shaped like a Garuda (eagle?) looking down with its wings and tail spread out, head to east.
I have still not understood the meaning of 18 fires. 🤔
Such fire altars are still constructed in Kerala for Vedic yagyas. The size and shape of each brick is prescribed.

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